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I’m always filled with a sense of renewed anticipation when a New Year rolls around. I wonder what will unfold in my life this year? One thing I’ve learned is that I don’t need to make too many plans about it.  John Lennon pretty much nailed it when he said,  "Life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans". So I try to just go with the flow.

This last year was filled with ups and downs – life happened. And for the most part, I’ve learned to handle life on life’s terms. It’s easiest when I can do it that way. My life is good.

I don’t really make resolutions – why set myself up to fail?! But I do like to look at a New Year as a sort of ‘do over’ for me. If I haven’t done as well in some areas, as I would have liked, I can try again. Maybe I’ll try to be a little bit better listener, a more tolerant person, a little less judgmental.  Maybe I’ll try to hold the cherished moments in the coming year, a little closer, and not hold the barbs quite as long. Maybe I’ll get brave enough to do something I’ve always wanted to, but been afraid of doing. Maybe, maybe, maybe – who knows? But I’ve got another chance – a whole New Year to try again – why not take it?!

Wishing you all – joy, peace, and love for the New Year. May 2007 be a wonderful year for you and  your loved ones. And may it bring you all that you might wish for in a New Year.


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Just a Normal? Day

We were in our Christmas let-down mode today – and I suppose we were pretty boring. But we had fun. We got up this morning and decided we’d better take care of some business.

We took our Christmas lights off the outside of the motor home, and then left for the big city to run errands – 45 miles away. T  wanted to to get some wood at Lowe’s and leave some pieces off the Little Red Express truck, at the chrome shop. I wanted to go to the craft store for some supplies to make book thongs,  and we needed to stop at a department store, and – of course, we had to buy groceries. Which always involves TWO different grocery stores. We got all our stops made, plus a few that weren’t on the list!

I found this tee that has orange on it, AND says Arizona, AND a solid orange one  – made me happy! I have some leather shoes that are orange, and I love them, but only had one shirt I could wear with them. (I have this thing – I love shoes, and my shoes have to match my shirt!)


We stopped at the Chamber of Commerce for some local information, and since there was a Dairy Q next door, we walked over for lunch. While we waited in line, two boys came in (probably 12 or 13 yrs. old) and asked how much the junior cones were. When the clerk told him they were .65, one of the boys counted out a hand full of change and ordered one for each of them. They took their cones outside to a table and were sitting there eating them.

T said,"Let’s go get them the largest cones there are!" – so he bought two of the $1.99 cones – and had the clerk take them out to the boys. Their faces were priceless. So was T’s. Sometimes he’s just such a sweetie.

Other times? Well, here’s what he got up to when left alone in the car while I went into the store.




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Storm Passing Over


Out here where we are wintering in the Arizona desert, the land is fairly flat. Way out in the distance, you can just barely make out the hills. They have the most amazing sunsets here. And we see the most beautiful blue sky – everyday – unbroken only by the tops of the giant Saguartos. There is usually nary a cloud in sight. Just blue as far as the eye can see. 


We had a storm front move across this last week, and the sky was filled with cloud formations. I just kept craning my neck and snapping pictures – as if I’d never seen a cloud before. They were so beautiful – from stark white, fluffy ones – to deep, dark, ominous looking ones. And the sky was so many different shades of blue! It was so pretty.


The storm is long gone and it’s going to be over 70 degrees today – the way I like it.

Christmas is over and gone now, too, but I’m still feeling the joy and peace. T and I got up and had oven omelets (tradition), opened some little gifts, and had a very nice, quiet, Christmas day. We were invited out, but elected to stay home. Neither of us is terribly social, (although you would never know that if you were around us, we could talk your leg off!). We love people – just on our terms. I know, I know, selfish – but there ya go.

Although we are down here without our kids and their families – it almost seemed as if we were all together. I must have talked to Scott, Brooke, and Cindra, at least a half dozen times each, between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Now I’m going to go re-read all the cards. I love cards! I exchange cards with people that I haven’t seen in years. People that exchange Christmas and birthday cards with me, and maybe one or two phone calls a year – and that’s it. I love Christmas cards – when we get to catch up and I get to feel connected again. And then I’ve got all those great cards to use to make new cards, and little tiny gift boxes!

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Wishing at Christmas Time


I feel very fortunate to be able to travel, and to be here in Arizona, in the desert I fell in love with. But there is a part of me that misses Christmas at home…Christmas with family and friends.

It’s been a few years since our whole family was together at Christmas time. Although Scott and his family still live near me, Cindra and Brooke both live in different states now, and it isn’t always possible for us to all be together.

We all talk, several times a week – sometimes several times a day! And with digital cameras and unlimited phone time, I feel blessed that we are able to stay close – and my ‘missing’ isn’t as acute. Of course, they’ll be in my heart and thoughts on Christmas day, just as they are everyday, but I sure wish we were all together!

And my wish for you in the blogosphere…is that  where ever you are, and with whom ever you are with – whether you believe in Santa Clause, Jesus’ birthday, karma, or whatever – that

you have a wonderful holiday season, filled with peace, love and joy.

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Dscn1756 We’re ready for Christmas, here in our RV!

I’m starting to feel a little guilty every day when I talk to my sister, Caryl, and to Cindra. They are shopping, wrapping, stirring fudge, hanging stockings – and they tell me all these things they have left to do yet, before Christmas day.

These last three years as ‘snowbirds’ traveling South, have made Christmas preparations a thing of the past. The first winter we were to be gone, I shopped for the grandbabies in October, and wrapped all the gifts, and left them with a girlfriend – who delivered them just before Christmas. The last two years we’ve sent gift certificates and checks! How easy is that!?

T and I usually get each other little stocking stuffer goodies…but don’t really exchange gifts at Christmas. He is the type that ‘gifts’ all year, for no reason, so there is never anything I need or want at Christmas time. And if he wants something, he buys it.

We do send a few small things…dates to a couple of friends, calendars to my kids that I put all the birth dates on for them….but nothing that requires any of that ‘holiday stress’. On one hand, that makes me grateful…and on the other, a little envious of the ‘tizzy’ that goes on this time of year! I sort of miss it.

P.S.   Ted E. Bear has been with T since T was a small boy, and Raymond’s wish list only consists of roadkill and carrion – so I let T take care of them!

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Puddytat1_2 Due to the fact that Miss Kitty isn’t running outside now, and the scratching board she has here in the RV isn’t strong enough to wear her nails down, she began ‘catching’ on everything she walked on.

Yesterday I took her into the vet’s office to have her nails clipped. There were two girls behind the counter when I walked into the office carrying Miss Kitty. Girl One asked if she could help me, and I said, "I’m here for an 8:30 appointment for nail clipping". Girl Two then asked, "For your cat?" I looked at her, screwed my face up (like Cindra says I do) and said, "No, honey. It’s for me." To which Girl One immediately replied, "I ain’t touching your feet!" My kind of girl!

T has been telling me, over and over, (to the point of irritating me) that Miss Kitty is getting fat. I kept telling him that she’s just fluffy. We had taken her to the vet for an update on her shots before we left home, and when they weighed her, she was at 9 pounds and 5 ounces. When the tech finished trimming yesterday, I asked her to weigh Miss Kitty – who now weighs 10 pounds and 15 ounces! I STILL say it’s fluff.

I’m afraid, though, that Miss Kitty isn’t the only one in the RV that is well groomed and fluffy. I always keep MY nails done (otherwise I’ll chew them to the quick) and I’ve noticed that I am getting just a little ‘fluffy’ too, since we left home! And T recently asked me if I’d remove his jeans from the drier before they are completly dry, as he thinks the drier is shrinking them. I don’t have the heart to tell him!

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    %&#@!            %&#@!                  %&#@!

Hmmm, I’m wondering what’s up with the cursing and/or ‘delicate’ subject matter in the blogosphere? Or is it just me? I decided to go visit some different blogs than the ones I normally read – and what an eye opener!

Now, I don’t think that I’m any kind of a prude…I’m young looking, and acting, for my age (still feel 23 inside), and have been known to use the F word a little too frequently sometimes. And it certainly isn’t that I haven’t seen, heard, or discussed some of the things I read on here, after all, I’m over 50 years young. And I certainly understand how sometimes, no other word (read: ‘non-cursing’) will convey what one is trying to convey when it comes to language.

But it seems to me, it’s almost too much. Almost like it’s a bunch of kids out behind the school, trying to act ‘cool’. It’s as if they are trying a little too hard. And I wonder, is it a ‘look at ME thing, a bid for attention – or is it really just simply a way to express themselves, and means nothing? Other than that I am getting old? God, I don’t want to turn into a fuddy-duddy!

I had to chuckle, thinking about how embarrassed people used to get by T.V. commercials – you know, the ones for feminine pads, female body odors, etc.  Now they BLOG about worse things – with strangers! Is that why? Because they ARE strangers?

I’d guess that the majority of people have discussed masturbation, whether or not they pee in the shower, etc. etc. at some point in their lives. But I’d bet they were doing it with a close, personal friend or significant other. Face it, you meet some really nice people on here – but to describe them as close personal friends would really be stretching it. Of course, does my thinking that subjects such as ‘what someone has inserted where’, or  what size their body parts are – aren’t public fodder, and should only be shared with someone close, just mean that,  yes, I AM getting old?

I’ve spent a lot of time today, wondering about this, (more time than it deserves, for sure!). These people probably figure they are entitled to talk about anything they want to, and if someone doesn’t like it, they can exit their blog. They are right. And I did. It wasn’t interesting to me. I could have heard all of that I wanted, by listening to my kids and their friends, when they were teen-agers! But then, maybe I only feel like that – because I’m getting old! LOL

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