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Jackie is Leaving the Garden. Good-bye.


It’s time for me to close the garden gates. Another season has passed. And along with the gates, I’ll be closing this blog.

I have so enjoyed the time I’ve spent online, sharing parts of my life with you, and being able to share small parts of your lives.  

Never is a long time, so I won’t say that I will never be back – but for now – good-bye, and thank you all. I know I will be thinking about you.

The best to you all,



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Oh, oh!

I did it again. I am sitting here typing this with one hand – my left one – as my right arm is in a sling. Damn. You would think I’d learn.

I worked like mad last week, getting my yard and gardens all gussied up because my three sisters were going to be here. I cut things back, mowed, shoveled holes, hauled things off – generally beat up on my poor old body. My arm was a little sore, but as usual, I ignored it. (If I don’t recognize things, they go away). Right!

My sister, Charlene, was here, staying a few days while on her way to meet up with Charley at Friday Harbor. My sister, Jean, who lives 200 miles from me, came down, too. My other sister, Caryl, lives 35 minutes from me. It was the first time we’d all four been together in years. Caryl found a picture of us all together 27 years ago! and Charlene posted it here.

I woke up Sunday morning with my right arm stiff and sore. The two out of  town sisters left – and I decided I’d mow the lawns again. And the banks. And that I’d use that old 21 inch-two-ton mower that T overhauled for me, because I thought the self propelled part would help me mow the banks. Right! I almost lost it on the bank several times. I  mowed for over an hour, and by night, my arm was just killing me – whether I held it perfectly still, or was moving it.

Yesterday I woke up (after very restless and little sleep) and hurt so bad I wanted to cry. (I’m such a baby!) I couldn’t move my arm. I went to see my doctor – who informed me that once again, I’d overdone it. (“Moderation” is just NOT in my vocabulary). He gave me anti-inflammatory drugs and told me to put it in a sling and rest it. He said that rest and time is the only thing that will heal it. And that if we have a problem after it heals, we’ll get me some physical therapy for it. That part didn’t make me very happy – sounds like he thinks it’ll take awhile. It won’t. I don’t have time for it. He’s been my doctor for over twenty years, so I had to listen to him lecture me about how I go about things – and that I need to slow down.

I’m dragging today, and will be having a nap later. I couldn’t sleep last night so I just got up and sat in the living room reading. I did fall asleep off and on. Woke up once, not because I was hurting, but because Miss Kitty thought she ought to jump up into my lap. She snuggled up and we both went to sleep for awhile.

Anyway, I have lots of books to read, and T says there is going to be a Sopranos marathon on TV, so I guess I can take it easy for a few days. I won’t be posting for a little while though, (this takes WAY too long with one hand!). But I’ll be back.

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As I mentioned before, we came home to a mess that entailed a LOT of work on the house. And since T and I seem to have suffered some temporary form of brain damage – as we elected to redo the upstairs while we we at it! You know, painting, putting down new rugs, floors, etc.  

OMG. I AM getting old. A day of laying tile while on my knees, means I can hardly walk the next day – and have to switch to a different chore.  A day of painting – means I can’t raise my arms above my head the next day. Oy. I’ve always been an early riser so I usually start in about 6:30 a.m. Then I shower at 8:30 at night and fall into bed. This is pretty much the schedule we’ve followed since we got home.

I’ve also ‘weeded and feeded’, killed unwanted grass, and mowed several times. In between, I DID finally get the garden cleaned up and some things planted. Finally. It didn’t really drive me crazy having to wait to plant – as the weather stayed so cool anyway, it wasn’t safe. We live in a zone 5 area with 110 growing days. I keep saying that I do a lot of work in the garden and yard – for very little return! I still love it though.

There is another reason that I haven’t blogged – though I’ve taken many pictures in the garden – and this is where I need help! My pictures are just huge when I try to blog them. I have tried to optimize them – can’t figure out how. Or how to make them come as thumbnails. I use the upload dealie on the bottom of wordpress – but then the picture covers the whole screen and I have to yank the edges down to some smaller size. I have read EVERYTHING I can find in wordpress and nothing works for me. I’m about ready to go back to blogger!! Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong????

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