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Postcards from 1946.

We lost our mother when we were young, so the few pictures I have of her are very precious to me. I guard them with my life. My mother and father divorced when I was eight, and I only saw him once (when I was 16) before he died. We don’t really have anything that belonged to  my mother, for a number of reasons, I suppose. One reason being our grandparents on Mom’s side moved in to take care of Mom and us five kids, before Mom died, and being faced with raising five kids from 2 years to 14 years of age, saving Mom’s things for us probably wasn’t a priority of Gram’s. Another reason being that after Gram died, her only surviving daughter decided that everything in Gram’s house, belonged to her. By the time we were old enough to wonder where things were, and to want pictures or anything that might be left, it was too late. When we’ve asked for copies of pictures, etc. from the aunt – we’re told that they “were lost in a basement flood”, “misplaced years ago”, etc. etc.

But, besides the pictures of Mom and Dad, I have two postcards that I treasure dearly. My mother and her sister were in Milton-Freewater, Oregon in 1946 and sent these postcards home to Idaho, to their youngest sister. 

This one is of the First Christian Church, and on the back, my aunt wrote, “We sang in the choir in this church. Pretty, no? Name is First Christian Church.”
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This one is of Stadelman’s Cold Storage building, and on the back my mother wrote this to her youngest sister, “Hi Squirt, this shore is a beautiful town and yesterday the wind almost blew us off the streets.  Today it’s so damned hot I’m about to die of the heat. Just thank your lucky stars that there’s a tree within walking distance of you, ’cause we’re in the desert. Lois.”
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Last week, T had to be gone for the day, so I took a day trip to Milton-Freewater, to find these two buildings in the postcards. And I found them.  

Here is the church now. In this first picture, I tried to take the same view as the postcard. I took the second one so that I could see the whole building.
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Stadelman’s was harder to find, and didn’t look like my postcard. I went inside their office and talked to two nice gentlemen, who told me that most all of the original buildings had burned to the ground in 1990, and that I was looking at what was rebuilt.
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I can’t explain how I felt looking at these buildings. And thinking about the fact that my mother attended the church I was standing in front of. And that she walked the same streets that I was walking. I can’t explain the feelings, but I can tell you – they were good. I felt that ‘connection’ that I sometimes need so much. I have and do miss my mother even more as an adult, than I did as a child.

It was a good, but strange day for me. Although there have been a few occasions in my life where I was ‘alone’ (where I traveled for business reasons or things like that) those times were rare. I have had someone by my side all my life – a parent, a sibling, a friend, a child, a mate – and I rarely am alone. While I was in Milton-Freewater, I was so very aware of being there alone. In a different state. Without family or friends. T was where he could not be reached, and so I called my sister, Caryl,  nearly every hour. I told her that for some reason, I just needed to keep ‘touching base’.  A strange day. But good.


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Hello, September!

Where did August go? The time really wasn’t flying by, though, as we waited for our computer to be repaired. When we left it with Mr. Repairman he told us “you’ll have it back in two to five business days”. Well, let me tell you, he counts a little differently than we do. It’s been a total of ten days – and they were long days. You know how it goes – if you don’t have it – of course, you absolutely, positively NEED it NOW. (After all, we have banking to do, and things to research, and people to ‘touch’.) Not to mention that I am so far behind on blogs that I’ll have to sit here for three days to catch up! We have a desktop Gateway, but somehow lost the power cord for it in the house cleanup done when we came back this last spring, so it wasn’t operable either. We did order a new power cord from Gateway – which arrived the same day our laptop was repaired!

Our Toshiba laptop is a great machine- but it quit reading and writing CDs. I was so afraid of losing a years worth of pictures before I could get them downloaded. And the power cord would sometimes stop working and use up the laptop batteries. What a surprise – three years later – we were still under warranty and the repairs didn’t cost a thing. Well, except for the cost of the external hard drive we purchased so that all our pictures, documents, etc. could be downloaded and then reloaded after our laptop was restored. We lost a lot of software that has to be reloaded now – and that is such a pain.

After our little touch of autumn in the air, the weather turned lovely again, and I’ve been enjoying the yards and garden. I love to ‘piddle’ (as T calls it) with my yard and gardens. Sometimes when I’m out there, I’m not even working – except in my mind, where I have reworked some of my flower beds, decided where to move plants, etc., and now all that’s left is to decide whether I’ll do the actual work this fall, or wait until next spring. Guess I’ll see how the weather is and play it by ear.

I’m still loving my peas – eating them every day. I don’t remember ever having them this late in the season before. Am anxiously awaiting my very own spaghetti squash now. I’ve still got green peppers, onions and beans. AND lots and lots of tomatoes! After thinking my tomatoes would NEVER get red, and envying everyone who was posting pictures of red tomatoes – now there are so many ripe tomatoes every day that I am giving them away like crazy. Yesterday I decided I’d make my own ‘stewed tomatoes’ and freeze them. I chopped up about a dozen tomatoes, three of my green peppers, and some of the onions. I threw in garlic salt, salt and pepper, and Italian spices, and boiled it all. It looked so good and I just wanted to eat it – so I took the juice off of it and threw in some cut up chicken I had cooked. I chopped up a bunch of left over angel hair pasta I had cooked the night before for T’s spaghetti, and threw it in. I sprinkled it all with parmasan cheese, and it was DELICIOUS. And I have left overs and will eat it again tomorrow – I’m happy.

We took my son, his wife, and the four grandbabies to the museum down town to see “A T. Rex Named Sue”, as the exhibit was only here for the summer and is now on its way to Alaska. “Sue” is the most complete , best preserved, T. rex fossil ever found. It’s pretty amazing. Besides the life size cast, there were many interactives. And even a small room where the little ones could dress up in T. rex costumes. I don’t know who enjoyed it most – the kids, or Terry.

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Then…and now.

My blogger buddy, Dave, has posted ‘then and now’ photos – click here to see Dave’s photos from 1972, and today.

Dave said that the ball was in my court, and I told him I’d get some pictures posted soon. Well, this was easy…since it seems to be the ‘summer of the sisters’, we already had this old picture on the computer (not many are and I don’t have a scanner).

Here is a picture of my three sisters and me, taken June of 1980.  From left to right: Jean, Jackie, Caryl, Charlene(Quilldancer)     


And another picture of my three sisters and me, taken July of 2007.  From left to right: Caryl, Jackie, Jean, Charlene                                    


Now how about you? Do you want to  share your ‘then and now’?

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My daughter, Cindra (formerly chikkentales.wordpress), shut down her two blogs. Without any warning. And this is the girl that got me into this!

When my sister, Charlene,  got Cindra into blogging, I wondered how Cindra would have time for it. She said, “Oh, Mom, it doesn’t take long. I’m on the computer all day for work, and I just do it for a few minutes here and there”. Yeah. Sure. Time takes time – as T always likes to say. (and it drives me crazy when he does!)

Cindra and Tom have  a 15 year old daughter, 12 year old son, are adopting their 3 year old foster child, have two goats, one dog, and one cat, and run a home business. Tom teaches at the college, as well, and Cindra does the books for their business. AND – she thought she had time to blog. No, wait. Not only did she think she had time to blog — she also began emailing and talking on the phone to some of her blogger buddies! MORE time invested.

When Nessa got ahold of me to see why Cindra had disappeared from cyberspace, I called my Babydoll to see what was up. She said she just couldn’t do it anymore – that it was too addictive. She’d tried stopping, then scaling back, then only doing it with a few people – and she would keep getting sucked further and further into it. She said she’s taking her life back! (We tend to be an all or nothing family, anyway, I think.)

I have stopped blogging twice. There is no getting around the fact that it takes A LOT of time. And I’d go through all these head trips – asking myself what the hell I was doing talking to strangers? and what did I care what someone I didn’t know was doing? and didn’t I have anything better to do? And I’d stop. And then I’d start wondering. What were you people up to? What was going on in your lives? Did you resolve that problem you were having last time I read you? And pretty soon – here I was again. Talking to strangers. Caring about what they were doing. Commenting here and there with my pointless drivel.

But, you know, it is fun. And yes, it takes time. Time I could spend reading. (I have plenty of time to read). Time I could spend cleaning. (Please!) Time I could spend on the phone. (Wait, I do alot of that anyway!) Seriously, it’s all about priorities, and where you want to spend your time. I’m pretty sure though, that I wouldn’t be doing this if I had to take care of a business, a hubby, and three kids! I just have T and Miss Kitty, and I don’t work. (Well, except in the garden.)

And you know what else? It ISN’T just reading about what you are doing – I’m being entertained in so many ways by your blogs. You all have a different style; some use humor, some use themes, some give some edification, some pass on important news articles, some are political, some are wannabe curmudgeons (my favorites). Besides the content style – I’m exposed to many different writing styles. That is all entertaining to me.

I don’t think that I’ve quite figured out what I’m doing here in the blogsphere. When we went South for the winter there was some (sort-of-anyway) interesting things to write about. Now I’m home, and I’m here to tell you, I’m basically a boring woman. I stay close to home and do my own thing. When I write in here, a part of me is sharing, a part of me is trying to be half-way entertaining, and a part of me doesn’t know what the hell I’m doing or why!

I’ll run out of garden pictures before long, and I’m not much of a story teller – so I’ll have to figure out what I’m doing. Sometimes I think that I want to use this for a diary. Instead of worrying about coming up with something to write – I could just write one or two paragraphs every day, about what I did that day. Then I’d have a record of everything that goes on – I could look back at the garden, doctor’s appointments, etc. etc. etc. OH, MY GOD! That sounds as boring as can be. Oh well, I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Meanwhile, goodbye for now, Chikken. I’ll miss your writing style a lot! (She’s good!) (And I’m NOT saying that because I’m prejudiced!)

    P.S.  The left border is pictures of little treasures growing out of the granite bank which is beside the shop. 

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Nearly home now.

With my growing excitement about hitting the road again, and moving closer and closer to home, was a little sadness – as we left my daughter’s house (Cindra‘s). We arrived in the midst of their moving out of their 4,500 square foot house. Which they had filled!  We knew that the timing wasn’t great for a visit, but I had to see them, and wanted to help Cindra. I spent two days cleaning, while Cindra and Tom packed, loaded, and hauled. I had the easy job. If there is one thing I can do easily and well – it is clean!

We left them doing the finishing day’s work (we thought) on Friday, and we made a day trip to the ocean to visit with my brother and Betsy.  We had a great time, ate seafood on the bayfront, bought fresh shrimp, and then Betsy made us a great shrimp salad dinner.  I lived beside that ocean for 17 years, so always love to go back for a visit.  And I always love to see my brother. I miss him. We are close in heart, not in geography, and we hold hands while we are together, just like little kids. It’s a good feeling.

Cindra and Tom didn’t quite get finished Friday. In fact, they didn’t finish until 9:00 p.m. Saturday! I felt so sorry for them – they’d been going from morning til night for days. I spent most of the day at their new house – visiting with the grandbabies. My Sugarplum and her best bud, left in the late afternoon, and I stayed with Bonnie-Baby and the Tween until the parents returned. I was so happy to have been able to see them all, even for a short visit. I miss them so much. And never have enough time with Cindra.

The next morning – we were on the road again. Stopped in a beautiful RV park on our way North in Washington, where they had this beautiful little what-ever-it-is. Wish I had it for my garden! I’d plant blooming vines to climb up the columns. And definitely put in something to sit on!


 Miss Kitty still assumes her travel position when the motor home moves, (under the green chair), and with her winter-weight gain, isn’t as lively as she used to be. If she isn’t sunning in the front window, she is sleeping on her cat-nip covered scratching box. She does look just a little rounder, doesn’t she?


That’s it for now – my next post will be from HOME!! Back to my garden!

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Hi Blogger Buds!

I’ve thrown together a lil’ typepad place for Momma to hang out in the wintertime.  I’m so magnanamous that I just spent the better part of my Saturday a.m. creating this new crib for Momma. 

Not.  Well, I did spend the better part of the morning doing this.  It’s 11:08 right now.  But.  It’s not because I’m selfless.  I’m really a selfish bitch.  Mom has had issues with Blogger…and I wanted to gift her a new place for my own devious reasons. 

One:  She won’t have to ask me to post her pictures all the time because Blogger isn’t letting her do so.

Two:  She will be able to post a lot more and share pics with me and anecdotes of her travels in a contained space with her hubby and Ms. Kitty (actually they call her ‘miss’ but I think she is a bit more evolved than that and deserves to be called Miz.)  Can you imagine the stories these dynamics can provide?  And that isn’t even including the stories of her travels!  Wahooooooo! 

Three:  when Blogger is down, like it is way too much, I’m up on typepad…and now…I can have mom up on typepad too…all to myself!

I love you, Mom and hope you find typepad a joy (after the initial learning curve, of course) and never turn back.  Blogger can really suck the big one.  But I’m so glad you are all out there hangin’ on and hangin’ in so we can have these cyberconnections!

Anyway…let the blogging commence.



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